Advanced WordPress plugin, which allows you to insert the product slider from the store based on the WooCommerce. In addition to defining the basic parameters of the slider, you can not only specify transition type and animation duration, but also product categories or product type: recommended, newest or bestsellers. The plugin is equipped with a code generator (inserting the slider into the content of the post).

Product presentation

  • plugin uses Flexslider by WooThemes, Woocommerce, Bootstrap
  • support for a code generator allowing to insert the product slider directly into the content
  • service via a dedicated widget
  • the default template and ability to create your own
  • available translations:
    Polish (pl_PL) – Marcin Gierada,
    English (en_EN) – Marcin Gierada,
    Serbian (sr_RS) Borisa Djuraskovic and Ogi Djuraskovic 

Dedicated code generator

With support for a dedicated generator, you can place a new slider at any location of each entry.
An intuitive form includes both the parameters of the slider itself and the attributes of the products to display.
Sample code generated by the plugin:
woo_product_flexslider_all_in_one template=”default.css” ordering=”desc” all_items=”5″ items_to_show=”2″ show_title=”true” show_price=”false” show_description=”true” show_more_button=”true” show_more_items_button=”true” image_source=”thumbnail” image_width=”100″ image_height=”100″ navigation=”true” animation=”slide” animation_loop=”true” pause_on_hover=”true” auto_start=”true” animation_duration=”600″ slide_speed=”4000″ slide_direction=”horizontal”
This code should be placed between square brackets [].


The plugin also offers a widget that allows you to quickly create new sliders and post them in certain places on your site.


Do you want to test?

You can test the product. Just click on the link below:

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